BANGKOK: the starting point


BANGKOK: the starting point
> abandon mills and old warehouses
> temples: many of them including the royal palace, the temple of dawn and the old royal palace (thonburi capital).
> the flower market (pak klong ta lad) : it starts from 3:oo am., the biggest flower and vegetable wholesale market in Bangkok. The goods come by both cars and boats.
> Bang Kok Noi Station (by the chao phrya river): it is a small train station next to the canal and river, used to be an important one. It is also used as a short transportation for the market next to the station.
> the bridges ( from bkk. to ayudhaya there are many of them)

> water communities in Bangkok
> > bangkok noi: one of the oldest water community that still remains in Bangkok area. The interesting point is that it is probably also the most modernized one.
> > bang ka chaow (rem's project): this is the area where is preserved to be the only "lung" of Bangkok on the left side of the river. So it remain to be agricultural area. Few years ago, Rem Koolhaas proposed a project of "Hyper Building" imposing on this green by the group of gigantic skyscrapers.
> > bang kruai: it is the area in between Bangkok and Nontaburi, lately it has become one of the most invaded area by the real estate development. The confrontation between the water-based and the land based the story.

> koh gred: a small island in Chao Phraya River. One of famous tourist spots, it is known as a pottery village.


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