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bringing Italy to Thailand: monuments, fast cars,gondolas, football heroes...

> Instant Italy on the beach

> in a channel of Bangkok

> ministadium minisoccer battlefiel

please take a picture of you

A theme park traveling along the river. The theme is Italy....

Everyday the boats stop, a little Italy will be concieved.

A few attractions that you might find:

> miniature cities with Pisa towers, David di Michelangelo, San Pietro churches, Virgins from the Milano cathedral, gondolas with coloured lights inside, sicilian cart... and so on...

> a reproduction of the Monza circuit for Formula1 car races on teleguided machines - mini-stadium for mini-soccer matches

> little italian gardens, with all the ingredients that we need for cooking in the different regions

> a gastronomical tour of Italy composed of various dishes

> miniature smoking volcanoes

> a 'make-your-own postcard' booth so that the thai people can get picture postcards of themsleves appearing to be in Italy

Free tickets will be distributed for the children and adults to come experience and play... as well as for
them to get icecreams, cold drinks, pizza and focaccia in a scenery of italian music and colorful lights...

Huge posters promoting our Little Italy will posted all over. Come one, come all, and visit the Italian amusement park.

In the end, fun will be had by both us and especially the thai visitors. Enjoy Italy...

See you all on the top of the Colosseum


Instant Italy by CLIOSTRAAT
francesca roatta
francesca sassaroli
scintilla demi
monica chiabrando
matteo pastore
timothy heys cerchio
luca poncellini
stefano mirti


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