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Water Clock / Prosthetic Stomach

A section of the river floating above itself, the Water Clock / Prosthetic Stomach is a Decomposition Chamber and Environmental Metabolizer, a slowly deteriorating record of the event and a climatic transformer.

Found objects from places visited, climatic change, floatational motion, human bodies, the river itself...are imbibed along the Route in a continually evolving and devolving mass of digestive juice/mechanical appartatus.

An exhibition subject travelling between places and retaining their traces, the Water Clock is a mysterious floating beacon at night and a bristling exhibition chamber during the day, displaying artifacts of the route in suspended time, in decaying time, in travelling time, in instantaneous time.

An instrument of amplification, both of the momentary and the impercepatably slow, the device of the floating Water Clock is a collector of the environment, an artificial metabolizing system ingesting its surroundings to be recreated in an alternate form.

Simultaneously Artifice and Nature, a reciprocal and interpenetrating element of Landscape and Technology, the water of the Chaophraya River becomes an instrument for measuring.

It recalls the historical situation of urban development of the Thai city, suggests a mode of relation between the urban landscape and the natural, and creates a monument to the water, the natural artifact that is witness to the human time of living with the Chaophraya River.


Water Clock / Prosthetic Stomach by The Furuya-Lab

The Furuya-Lab : Waseda University, Furuya Research Laboratory, Tokyo
Takenori Miura (Waseda University, Tokyo / Bartlett, London)
Takayuki Osamura ( Waseda Univesity, Tokyo)
| Jean-Louis Rivard | ( Waseda University, Tokyo / University of Waterloo, Canada)


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