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Weaving - Living Baskets - that Float




Weaving: From scratches, we will learn the art of constructing within the limitation of local organic materials; the bamboo, the straws, the leafs, .within the limitation of craftsmanship; the hands and the man's labor. It's a cultural tectonic.

Living Baskets; The organic piece that breathes, is our space. The space that defined is structured. The structure that weaves is the skin. The skin that define our space is the key of living; sheltering, shading, lighting, water, air. The skins- structures that made different to the forms-spaces would made different livings.

That Float; along water, our Community floats, so do our "Baskets", Basket as a container, Basket as wrapper, Basket as vehicle,.. As the change of season, local, activity, sun, wind, The braced complex whole is harmonious, but never as similar. It's resembled a lotus web, it's living, evolving, flowing.

Program and location and The Basic structure and variety of forms would be developed and experimented among collaborations. "Weaving" is the key. We will be with the river, weaving down back pieces, tearing pieces, and then be -Weaving- a Basket- that float.

Weaving - Living Baskets - that Float (USA)
two team :
Nattaya Chaiwanakupt
Pakorn Mahapant


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