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Stepping Block across the river

This space is produced by a human physical sense.

In Japan "stepping stones" are one of the elements which compose the Japanese traditional space.

It is the nature of the stone to be arranged conveniently,
when a person walks the inside of the garden.

Though "stepping stones" were uesd only from the utility side at first, gradually its existence began to serve both utility and beauty.

There is a rule that it walks on the stone, and the interval that stepping stones are put copes with the movement that a person walks.

We are preparing for the performance a block to express such a relation of module and movement seen in Japanese building and the outside space.

The blocks will be used in addition as chairs and partitions.

You will see the changes that take place by our proposal in Thailand. This proposal will embody both of the beauty and the utility which seems to be seen in the Japanese traditional element.

We hope that all the international participants will join together.

Heian Shrie


Heian Shrine

Sannomach District

Daitoku-ji Tample

Ryoan-ji Temple


Stepping Block across the river by Kojima Laboratory (Japan)

Science University of Tokyo
Kazuhiro Kojima
Kaname Arauchi - Ken-ichi Togawa - Mitsuru Hamada - Norio Kobayashi
Shizuka Hariu - Takashi Shibukawa - Tomoya Oshika - Yohei Shimad


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