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_real_life / _real_time / _real_fake

_This project springs from an interest in commercial billboards. They are everywhere around us; on top of, / on/ or just next to all kind of buildings, but almost never really part of them. A sort of lack of interest on the part of architects? But they are a wonderful medium; ephemeral maybe, when compared to the solidity of architecture, but its content sometimes more shocking than any building can ever be. Why not use them more often.

a workshop along a river in Thailand, the building of an instant city. A city that will probabaly be as instantanious as its inventors and visitors.
So why confirm oneself just to here and now when there are so many places and spaces to discover.

is it now or nostalgia that drives us? Why do we always seem to go to places that somehow, some time were important in history. To relive what? Or is it just to imagine you were there, then.

a manipulation of images; with your copied copy of PhotoChop or equal software on your home PC, anything can be made "real". The photogenic becomes photogeneric. Architects, for example, seem only to be interested in putting their design in real
_time in a picture of its environment, but why not turn it around? Place a manipulated image in a real environment.
Show, for instance these beautiful monuments of Thailand as they mostly want to be seen by the tourists gaze; pure, untouched, with all traces of modernity brushed away. Just if they were the first ones to see it. Then what is more "real" to them; the nostalgic image or the live monument?
Let's see just how far we can leave reality behind and are able to manipulate our normally fixed views.

a selection of written text or manipulated images taken at
/ off/ during the workshop, left behind on the banks of a river in Thailand _ on buildings, on billboards, on trees _ images taken from real_life, left in real_time, to be a real_fake.

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_real_life / _real_time / _real_fake (Netherlands-Sweden)
Koen Klinkers, Marcel Klooker (Netherlands)
Alberth Karlsson, Matthias Essner (Sweden)